Paetzold Platziert

Here you will find a selection of the articles from my column Paetzolds Pop Cuisine on Radio Eins (the answer to all questions of taste...). Reviews of cookbooks. Reports from foodie trips in and outside of Berlin & Brandenburg. Conversations with musicians about food, drink, and sometimes music.

Summer time recommendations

It's summer break for our foodie section, but Johannes Paetzold still has a few recommendations for you for the summertime. For example, you can go to Brandenburg, to the Uckermark. Or you can go to the district of Potsdam-Mittelmark. radioeins foodie Johannes Paetzold reveals exactly what you can experience there and more.

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Light meal

This weather is really affecting a lot of people. Temperatures are expected to climb to at least 28 degrees Celsius today. No time for heavy red wine with drinks, no time for knuckle of pork with sauerkraut on the plate. Johannes Paetzold has a few ideas for us for light fare on hot days.

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roof terraces

Even today, the temperatures are rising again to 29 degrees Celsius in Berlin. That means: hanging out and chilling on balconies or in parks. Johannes Paetzold advocates going up to the roof terrace and offers us a panoramic view of Berlin with a caipi or lemonade.

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oats instead of wheat

Due to the attack on Ukraine, wheat is a constant topic these days. 23 million tons are in the silos there and are mouldy. Yesterday the foreign ministers of Russia and Turkey negotiated an export corridor for wheat transport.

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